Christian embraced Islam

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In the time(caliphate) of Umar ibn al Khattab , there was a sahabi who migrated to a place called Hims, in Syria (now known as Hums).
Narrations mention that this sahabi opened a shop.
One day a Christian came to this shop to buy something. The sahabi said ’you know across the road is a shop of a Christian.I have been watching since morning and no one has come into his shop. Alhamdulillah, i have enough to feed my children, so why don’t you go to his shop and buy from him..’
So this Christian goes to the Christians shop and after a while he returns to the sahabi’s shop. The sahabi asks,’did you not get what you wanted?’.
The Christian said, ‘i got what i wanted but i want something else.’
The Sahabi asked, ‘what is it?’
The Christian replies, ‘ I want this faith that you have’
The Sahabi :‘Why? You know these are things that you don’t rush. Take your time over.’
The Christian said,’No, no, no. My heart bears witness that if this is the character of a mere companion of the Prophet , then what must have been the character of the Prophet , himself.’
And then the Christian embraced Islam.

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