FEAR OF HADHRAT ALI(رضئ الله عنه )

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The fear which overwhelmed him in his acts of Ibaadat and obedience was unique. Numerous episodes of this kind are narrated of Hadhrat Ali (karramallahu wajhah) in the books of history. When it was time for Salaat his body would shiver and his face would become pale. When asked about this state, he said:

“It is the time for the execution of that trust (Amaanat) which the heavens, the earth and mountains were unable to bear when Allah Ta’ala presented it to them. But I have accepted to bear this responsibility.”

Kumail narrates that once he accompanied Hadhrat Ali to the qabrustaan. Turning his attention to one grave he said:

“O inmate of the grave! O decomposed one! O one of fear and solitude! What is your condition? It is in our knowledge that your wealth has already been distributed. Children have been rendered orphans and wives have married other husbands. This is what we know. Now inform us of your condition.”

He then turned to Hadhrat Kumail and said:

“If he (inmate of the grave) had permission to speak, he would have said:
‘The best provision is taqwa.’ ”

So saying, Hadhrat Ali (karramallahu wajhah) broke down crying and said:

“O Kumail! The grave is a container of deeds. At the time of maut one will become aware of one’s deeds and misdeeds.”

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