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“Ones upon a time there was a female servant. She worked.hard for whole day for her master. When it was night, she asked her master “do you need my service now?”he replied that no,you can sleep now.then she make wudu and and recite salah for whole night. That was her mamul (daily routine ).
On one night after spending whole night in salah. She was doing munajat to Allah “o Allah I am giving you kasam(oath )to having a love with me …………”suddenly her master wake up and heard this word of her. He said to her “o my servant, don’t say to Allah that you have love with me. Rather you should say o Allah I have love with you. ” on that time it was haal on that servant in a deep position of love with Allah she replied “o master if Allah dosent loves me he does not let me awake on mussalah for whole night. And he let me heedless and sleep for whole night like you do.

Then she turn to Allah saying. O Allah, my secret is passed out, now I dont want to live. And she died ……….

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