What is Information Communication Technology?

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What is Information Communication Technology?

Processing of data via computer using the technologies from computing, electronics, and telecommunications to process and distribute information in digital and other forms

Present Role of ICT in Economy


  •  Learning
  •  Teaching
  •  Educational administration

Eg. Computer Assisted Learning (CAL)

This involves the use of IT to automate activities in school administration such as keeping records of students, examination results, normal office work, communication with other schools via e-mail etc

Accounting and Banking

IT is used to automate manual accounting  systems such as general ledger, sales and purchases, stock control ( with point of sales terminal connected to stock data base ) In banking the use of Automatic Teller Machine is a useful application  of IT.


IT is used in transportation by railways and airlines for reservation of seats, control of traffic and maintaining time-tables of vehicles and duties of crew. It is used all fields of air traffic. Every air craft has a small computer fitted to help pilots in various ways.


In hospitals special computers are built inside different equipment. For example CAT scanners (Computer Axial Tomography ) Further maintenance of patients records in electronic databases enhances service provided to them.


Engineers use IT to prepare drawings of machines, tools, bridges, buildings etc.  (Computer Assisted Drawing- CAD). Also computers are used to control manufacture of items. (Computer Assisted Manufacture). The use of Robots in industries is another example.

    Defense & Security  

IT is very useful in tracking down of criminals by maintenance of their databases. In warfare computers are used to guide missiles.


This basically covers video games, music and movies played back by computers with multimedia facilities.



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