Where Iblees Misjudged

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His name was Azazeel. He is also known as Iblees. He used to pray a lot and even used to give lectures to the angels. One day there was a notice in the heavens which said that someone was going to be ordered out of the heavens. All the angels were very worried because they thought it might be one of them. They went to Jibrael who was one of the most important angels to ask him whether he could do anything. Jibrael said he too was worried because it might be himself. Jibrael suggested that they go to Azazeel because he was very clever. Azazeel told them not to worry at all for the would pray to Allah for all of them. He forgot himself thinking he was the best and it could never be him. He had kibr (pride). Allah made the first human being – Prophet Adam (as). He asked all the angels including Azazeel to do sajdah to Prophet Adam (as). Iblees disobeyed Allah and refused to do sajdah saying that he was better than Prophet Adam (as) and so he would not do sajdah.”I am made out of fire and he is made out of earth!” he told Allah. You see, he was only looking at the outside and not the inside and more important, he disobeyed Allah. He was ordered out of heaven.

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