11 Islamic devotional Stories

11 Islamic devotional Stories – pious people night prayers


Islamic devotional Story- 1


Shaikh Abdul Waahid (Rahmatullah alaih) says, “One day I was so much overpowered by sleep that I went to bed before finishing my Zikr for the night. I saw in my dream a most beautiful girl dressed in green silk. All parts of her
body and even her shoes were engaged in Zikr. She said to
me ‘Aspire to possess me; I love you.” And then she recited
a few couplets depicting the eagerness of a lover. When I
woke up from the dream, I vowed not to sleep any more
during the night. It is reported that for full forty years he
never slept at night, and said Ishaa and Fajr salaats with
the same wudhu.


Islamic devotional Story- 2

Islamic devotional Stories – pious people night prayers

Shaikh Mazhar Sa’di (Rahmatullah alaih), the famous
I pious man, kept weeping for sixty years in love and eagerness
for Allah. One night he saw in a dream a few damsels
by the side of pearl trees with gold branches, on the bank of
the brook brimming with fluid musk, pure and fragrant.
The girls were hymning the glory of Allah. He asked their
identity. In reply they recited two couplets, which meant,
“We have been created by the Sustainer of mankind and
Lord of Muhammad (Sallallaho alaihe wasallam) for those
people who keep standing before Allah all night long and
hymning in supplication to Him.”


Islamic devotional Story- 3


Abu Bakr Dharir (Rahmatullah alaih) says, “There
lived a young slave with me. He fasted all day and stood in
Tahajjud all night long. One day he came to me and related:
“Last night against my usual practice I went to sleep.
1 saw in my dream that the wail of the Mihraab was
cracked, and from the crevice appeared a few damsels. One
of them was very ugly. I asked one of the pretty damsels who they were. She replied that they were my previous
nights and that the ugly one was this night.”


Islamic devotional Story- 4


An eminent Shaikh says: “One night I was in a deep
sleep and could not get up for Tahajjud. I saw in my dream
a girl of such beauty as I had never seen in my life. She was
emitting such fragrance as I had never smelt before. She
handed over to me a piece of paper on which were written
three couplets, which meant, ‘You were so enamoured of
deep sleep that you have become unmindful of the high
balconies of Paradise, where you have to abide for ever
with no fear of death. Wake up! It is better to recite the
Qur’an in Tahajjud than to sleep.” since then, wherever I
feel sleepy, these couplets come to my mind and the sleep
goes away.”


Islamic devotional Story- 5


Ataa (Rahmatullah alaih) writes, “I went to the market.
A person had a slave girl to sell, who was said to be mad; I
purchased her for seven dinaars and brought her to my
house. After a portion of the night had passed, I noticed
that she got up, performed wudhu and started her salaat. In
her salaat she wept so much that I thought she would die
of excessive crying. After finishing the salaat, she began to
supplicate before Allah saying, ‘0 my Lord! By the love
Thou bearest for me, show mercy on me.’ I interrupted by
telling her that she should rather say, ‘By the love that I
have for Thee . . .” She got irritated at this suggestion and
said, ‘By Allah Himself! Had He not loved me, I would not
be standing here before Him while you are in your bed.’
Then she fell prostrate and recited a few couplets purporting,
‘I am growing more and more restless. How can one
rest whose peace of mind is taken away by love, eagerness
and constant anxiety? 0, Allah! Show mercy and give some
glad tidings.’ Then she prayed in a low voice thus, ‘0
Allah! So far the matter between me and Thee has been a
secret. Now people have come to know of it. 0, Allah! Call
me back.’ After saying this, she cried aloud died on the


Islamic devotional Story- 6


A similar thing happened with Sirri (Rahmatuliah
alaih). He writes: “I bought a slave woman to attend on me.She served me for some time, but I was in the dark about
her state of affairs. She had a corner in the house reserved
for her salaat. After finishing her job, she would go there
and offer her salaat. One night, I noticed her performing
salaat and then supplicating before Allah. While making
her supplication, she said, ‘By the love Thou hast for me,
do such and such a thing for me.’ I shouted out to her, ‘0
woman, say by the love that I have for Thee.’ She retorted,
‘My Master, if He had not loved me, He would not have
made me stand for salaat and deprive you thereof.’ Next
morning I sent for her and said to her, ‘You are a misfit in 0 –
your present job. You are exclusively meant for Allah’s service. I then gave her some gifts and set her free.”


Islamic devotional Story- 7


Sirri Saqti (Rahmatullah alaih) writes about another
woman: “When she stood up for Tahajjud she would say,
‘0 Allah! Satan is but Thy creation. Thou hast full power
over him. He sees me and I cannot see him. Thou see-est
him and hast control over all his actions, while he has no
control over Thee. 0, Allah! repel the evil that he wishes to
do me. Re-quit the wrong he may do to deceive me. I seek
Thy refuge from his evil designs and with Thy help I cast
him away.’ Thereafter she would cry bitterly. And as a
result thereof she lost the sight of one eye. People admonished
her to stop excessive weeping, lest she should lose
her other eye as well. She replied, “If it is destined to be an
eye of Paradise, Allah will grant me better than this; but if
it be that of Hell, then the sooner it is lost the better.”


Islamic devotional Story- 8

Muhammad bin Mu.nkadir (Rahmatullah alaih) was a
Hafiz of Hadith. One night, he wept excessively in his Tahajjud.
When someone inquired about it, he said, “During
Qiraat, I came across the following words of the Qur’an:
“And the evils that they earned will confront them;
and they will be surrounded by what they used to scoff
at.” (XXXIX: 48)
He was very anxious and worried at the time of his
death, and said that these same words of the Qur’an were
looming before him.


Islamic devotional Story- 9


Thaabit Banaani (Rahmatullah alaih) is another Hafiz
of Hadith. He used to cry a great deal while supplicating
before Allah. Someone warned him that he would lose his
eyesight if he did not stop weeping like that. He replied to
him, “What use sre these eyes if these do not weep before
He used to ask in his prayer, “0, Allah! Permit ms to
offer my salaat in my grave, if ever you grant this privilege
to any of Thy slaves!” Abu Sanaan (Rahmatullah alaih) narrates,
“By Allah! I was among those present at the burial of
Thaabit Banaani. Just after he had been placed in his grave,
one of the bricks from the side fell off. I peeped into the pit
to find to my great amazement, that Thaabit was offering his salaat. I said to a person standing by my side, ‘Look
what is that.’ He advised me to keep quiet. After the burial,
we went to his daughter and inquired from her, ‘What was
the special practice sf your father?’ She wanted to know
what made us put that question. We related to her the incident
at the grave. She said, “He has been constant in Tahajjud
for fifty years and prayed every morning before Allah to
allow him to offer salaat in the grave if that privilege could
be granted to anybody.”


Islamic devotional Story- 10


It is said of a pious man that once he had a sore on his
foot. According to the opinion of the surgeons, if his foot
was not amputated, the sore might prove fatal. His mother
proposed that the operation should be done while he was
absorbed in his salaat. This was done, and no pain was felt
by him.


Islamic devotional Story- 11

Abu ‘Aamir (Rahmatullah alaih) says, “I saw a slave
woman on sale for a very small sum. She was very emaciated
and her hair was dirty. I took pity on her and purchased
her. I said to her, ‘Come, woman, let us go and
make purchases for Ramadhaan.’ She remarked, ‘Alhamdulillah,
all the months are alike for me.’ She fasted on all
days and stood in salaat for all nights. When Eid drew near,
I said to her, ‘Woman! You will go with me tomorrow to
make purchases for Eid. She remarked, ‘My master! You
are too much absorbed in this world.’ She then went into her room and started her salaat. She was reciting Soorah
Ibrahim and when she reached the 16th verse of the Soorah
‘Hell is before him and he is made to drink boiling fetid
water’, which described the doom of a disbeliever, she repeated
it again and again, and then gave out a cry and fell

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